Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Wintour Blues. Until...

Finally received 'The September Issue' DVD this morning. Thanks Benj.

The delightfully intrusive look at the making of US Vogue's biggest issue through the eyes of fashion fractious editor-in-chief Anna Wintour certainly did nothing to dispel any thought that a soft nougat centre was nowhere in her genetic make up. The Brit ex-pat with the impeccably blowdryed bob walks the viewer through the build up to the deadline of the September Issue where she (and her team) in no way exercise descretion for the benefit of the film crew. 

//*Highlight: Anna's long suffering Creative Director Grace Coddington. What a woman. What a head of hair. This woman is golden and as she reminds the viewer 'started at US Vogue the same day as Anna twenty years ago'. Yep - she saw her from the beginning and won't take an ounce of the hype. She's also a fantastic stylist. I've always loved the Welsh.
I won't spoil the rest. There's plenty of websites for that. Worth a watch if you love fashion. Stay clear if you are apprehensively pursuing a career in editorial. 


//*Worth a quick read: 

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