Saturday, 23 January 2010

Food - a fashionable guilty Pleasure

Now anyone that knows me well knows that any chance to talk about food is time well spent in my books. I like eating it. Simple. But I got thinking about Britain's fascination with food. Things are changing. 

Vogue are talking about it. Celebs are tweeting about it. Young professionals are quitting the city to re-invent it. Food is now cool. And the prettier the better. We can see it in the rise in popularity of the local bakery. No longer is the humble sausage roll our favourite baked snack. The cupcake is the fad sweeping the streets and lips of Primrose hill and Burberry HQ employees alike ( and I can vouch for Baileys' buns being exceptionally tasty...i'm talking about his cakes you filthy lot!)

Hummingbird, Primrose, Peyton and Byrne and Sweet things  are just some of the bakeries making a name for themselves in the world of sponge and butter icing.

And the funny thing is, the fashion pack aren't ashamed to sample a box or three in the office. Somehow these little bundles of sweetness are a not so much a guilty pleasure than their savoury counterparts. Well, you wouldn't see a delivery of saveloy and chips landing on the doorstep of Vogue HQ?

One woman, Shikhita Singh not only gave up her city job to set up her cupcake business but now runs successful baking classes from her home in London. Her wedding cupcakes are iced to perfection. Now I just need someone to marry me and I can have an excuse to order 300 of them...

Here are some of the best images for your delectation...

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  1. Ok Amy, that's not funny....I've gained 5 pounds just looking at these pictures of cupcakes. What's more, I just took out my carrot cake mix and vanilla frosting hand is reaching for my flexible cupcake tin.........where is the number to overeaters anonymous when I need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!