Sunday, 24 January 2010

Curve Couture

" So, bootylicious ladies, I know you’ve had that va-va-voom thing going for ever and the men around you love you for it, but now - finally - fashion is shining a benign eye upon you: so whether you skim, cling or strut, don’t waste this chance. Flaunt it."  Eleanor Mills
Came across a great article "More is More" in Sunday Time's Style today [by Eleanor Mills.]

Apparently more is the new less in fashion and curves are having their 'fashion moment' if we've 'got them, flaunt them'. Now i'm no Slim Jim but I am more than confident that this article is little more than some justification for the journalists own physical stature. And to be honest, that's good enough for me. I'm with her. Waif and starving has never appealed to men in the same way a defined waist and an ample bosom has! So now we've got the boys covered how are the industry going to convert? Well apparently they already are. A resurgence in lingerie is underpinning this trend. The rise in popularity of Burlesque is also attributed. Gary Dakin of Ford model  even says 'plus size' girls are now able to demand £9000-12000 a day; up from £900. Mills even reports that Crystal Renn, the 'worlds most famous plus size model' has even been chosen to close one of the big shows at  this seasons New York Fashion Week.

I won't attempt to wittily recap the whole article. Mills does that perfectly well by herself. If you didn't manage to get a copy, they've now got the article  on their website. Click here if you wana quick read.

ASOS are also fashioning flesh this season with the launch of 'ASOS Curve'. Nice idea admittedly -  but just one thing... can you just make your mainline  in bigger sizes? Petite and Tall ranges are fair enough - we don't want trouser dragging along the floor or equally swinging from the ankles. But hey, credit where credits due. A step in the right direction at least...ASOS we're still good friends

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