Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Chanel will rub off on you...literally

Do you remember the time you were tiding your room and stumbled across a five year old bracelet you forgot you had, then a floral hairpiece, then a sequin one followed by several strings of beads in hideous shades of fluoro pink, and before you know it you're wearing them all, together, and looking like Miss Hannigan on a particularly bad day? Perhaps this isn't you but on one occasion a few months ago this was me, all pyjamas and beads, accompanied by a massive tattoo of a rose with what resembled a reptile, intertwined together and transferred up my left arm. I couldn't help myself. It must have been in my room for years.
But apparently now I could be quite on the money...

Well if Karl says its ok it must be yes? Judging by the already mounting waiting list at Selfridges we may yet see the return of the transfer tattoo (albeit minus the serpent and replaced by a Chanel logo) adorning the bodies of wealthy Parisian women and Press girls alike. I wait with baited breath...

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